Nowadays, it appears as though not a single day passes without someone mentioning how critical it is to protect oneself from internet threats. Whether it’s our finances, identity, or online activity, we recognize how critical it is to stay one step ahead of those who would steal from us or hurt us in some way. The same may be said for defending ourselves against actual threats and harm in the real world; from people attempting to steal or destroy our property and give us physical harm or worse.

Keeping Potential Threats Away

For as long as humans have existed on Earth, we have used walls and barriers to keep harm at bay, ensuring our safety and protection from external threats. Not only are barriers, fences, and walls still your first line of defense as a homeowner or company owner, but technology has enhanced their effectiveness at keeping those within their boundaries safe and unwanted intruders out. If you’re considering a professional security fence or (even better) a gate with access control, there are a few points to keep in mind as you weigh your alternatives.

Material for Fencing

The material for your fence is arguably the most critical choice you’ll make throughout the project. Not only will the fence material you select effect the fence’s strength, durability, and aesthetic look, but it will also impact the project’s costs. Steel and aluminum fences are always excellent choices due to their relative strength, ease of maintenance, and cost, all of which are critical considerations in the project’s success.

Access Control

The option to allow access – by key fob or numeric code – to a chosen group of people via access points or a gated driveway adds an additional layer of security and convenience. While this makes perfect sense for a business and its employees, it is also an excellent strategy to safeguard the loved ones who live in your home.


The first consideration when installing a fence should be the location. Due to the fact that fences are typically used to denote a property’s borders, it’s critical to first establish the legal property lines and the permitted location of the fence. On the subject of legality, it’s also critical to calculate the height of your fence while keeping in mind the maximum height permitted by your local zoning authority. Our team will help guide you to make sure everything is done to code based on your local county limits.

By no means are fence installations of this magnitude are do-it-yourself projects. With so many factors requiring immediate attention and thought, it’s easy to understand why it’s best to leave such a project to a professional fence installer like American Eagle Fence. From planning and permits to execution, the professionals at AEF understand how to complete projects on time and under budget.